Zo & Li's Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

June 14, 2017

Zo & Li's Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

 Bay Area Ice Cream Tour

Summer vacation has officially kicked off! And now I need to find ways to occupy my almost ten and thirteen-year-old for the next two and a half months...

I usually have them put together their summer bucket list of things they want to and this year is no different except we decided to take one of the items on their bucket list and make it a bit more elaborate.  Rather than just going to the local ice cream parlor for ice cream, we decided to put together a list of Bay Area favorites and make it into a Bay Area Ice Cream tour.  We picked ten to start but I'm sure we will replace a few and add a few as our adventure begins.    

2. Humphry Slocombe
3. Mitchell’s
4. Shakedown
5. SF Hometown Creamery
6. Smitten
7.  Bi Rite
8. Garden Creamery
9. Honey Creme
10. Mr & Mrs Miscellaneous

Join us on our ice cream tour here where we will post Zoe & Lila's reviews and photos of our stops!


Our first stop on this tour was Tin Pot Creamery!

Tin Pot Creamery 

The girls' first stop was a success! Tin Pot Creamery is an ice cream parlor that uses organic and local ingredients in the Bay Area.  They specialize in French style ice cream and put an innovative twist to classic flavors as well as their own creations!

Zoe and Lila at Tin Pot

For stop #1, both girls chose an Earl Grey flavored ice cream.  Lila opted for a scoop in a cup while Zoe chose hers with a waffle cone.  Lila LOVED hers and asked for more.  Zoe gave it a thumbs up as well but took her time savoring it.  I'm a huge nutella fan so chose the Mootella with hardened chocolate shell with almond roca topping.  It definitely satisfied my huge sweet tooth! 

Cup Earl Grey  Cone Earl Grey  Moms Icecream

Overall, we gave Tin Pot Creamery a 4.5/5!   See you at our next stop on our Ice Cream tour.  Also, if there are any other stops you think we should make, please let us know!!





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