ZoLi Pumpkin Party Stencils

October 24, 2017

ZoLi Pumpkin Party Stencils

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While there are so many things to love about fall... warm fruit pies, changing leaves, pumpkin flavored everything... pumpkin carving is one of our favorites!  With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to visit the pumpkin patch and get to carving. 


We've made some pumpkin party stencils to give your little ones a guide. Carving this year will be easy as pie!

 Link to download

A few tips before you start to make sure your pumpkin art will last as long as possible:
  1. Pick a pumpkin that is hard. This means that it is fresh and is more likely to last!
  2. Wait until the last minute to carve. After they are cleaned out and set out on the porch, a carved pumpkin will typically last a week.
  3. Keep the pumpkin away from extreme heat or cold.  If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, consider storing your jack-o-lanterns inside until halloween night to keep them looking their best!
  4. After you've carved your pumpkin, wipe out the inside with water and spray it with a bleach and water mixture on both the inside and out.  This will keep fungus from growing too quickly.
If you enjoyed this blog post and loved carving your pumpkins as much as we do, we'd love to see your artwork!  Direct message us or tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram!
Happy Halloween!

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