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November 13, 2018

Any book lover knows that feeling after you finish a great book - sadness that it's over, relief that you finally know how it ends... and contemplation about what to start next! There are so many good books out there, it can be hard to choose just one. We asked our members of ZoLi HQ what they're reading to help with the decision- Comment below to let us know what you're reading!

The Great Alone Book Cover


The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah - I didn't expect to like this book when it was selected for book club but within a few pages into it, I was engrossed.  It's set in Alaska circa 1970s.  The story follows the Allbright family - Leni, a 13 year old girl, her father, Ernt, a former Vietnam POW suffering from PTSD, and her mother Cora, a blindly devoted wife who would do anything for her husband.   Ernt decided to move the family to Alaska to escape the pressures of civilization and try living off the grid.   The story is about the struggles they had adjusting to life off the grid, the generosity of the people they meet who helped them, the emotional tie between mom and daughter, and the mental deterioration of Ernt as the isolation of living in the wilderness and the long winter darkness set in and the coming of age of Leni.  This book has a little of everything and definitely a page turner.


~ Juli 

The Chalk Man Book Cover
Right now, I am just starting to read The Chalk Man. The summary that I read that led me to it describes the book as a chilling story that will keep you up at night - while I appreciate a good night's sleep, I also appreciate a book that can have that kind of effect on me even after I've finished reading! Fingers crossed that it will be  a great read! 

NOTE- The last book I read was The Last Time I Lied and I would HIGHLY recommend 📚💛

~ Kristin

Until The End Book Cover

I'm reading Until The End - I enjoyed this murder/mystery young adult book so much that I have re-read all 800 pages at least 4 times. This book keeps you on your toes mentally, challenging you to put the puzzle pieces together. I could not put it down, this book when everywhere with me. Every chance I had, I read more and more. When the mystery of who killed Alice is revealed, it is a little confusing to understand but if you read that section once or twice again, it becomes clear. That is probably my favorite part, I needed to go back a re-read the subtle queues that Pike placed in the multiple perspectives to help solve the mystery. Throughout the book, my guess on who it was changed almost every chapter. You won't be able to put this book down because Pike keeps you guessing till the end.

~ Kaitlyn

Kaffir Boy Book Cover


Right now, I'm reading Kaffir Boy - It's about a characters coming of age in apartheid South Africa. I just started reading it, but the opening two chapters are very intense so far.

~ Ismael

Kite Runner Book Cover


The book I just finished reading is called Kite Runner - it's about a friendship between a rich boy and the son of his father’s servant in Afghanistan. The next book that I am going to read called Outliers, which my daughter recommended for me to read 😄

~ Ping


I don't read much. Mostly just emails.

~ Chet










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