ZoLi's Summer Bucket List | August 2021

July 26, 2021

ZoLi August Bucket List 2021

While we love to go with the flow during our summer beaks, having a bucket list keeps us from "going with the flow" of binging that new show on Netflix that we know will still be there a month from now 🙄

That's why we thought we'd share our August bucket list for some inspo of your own! We'd love to hear your August goals and ideas for the month in the comments below... Let's get started!

1. Visit a local ice cream shop - Many small businesses are still feeling the effects of shut downs even after they have re-opened. Support a local business by stopping by mid-errands! We LOVE a good ice cream cone in the heat and the local spots are always the most refreshing 🤤 🍦

2. Visit a water park or create your own - While not all of us have a water park nearby, they are a great way to beat the heat! Even if you don't have an actual park around the corner, creating your own water park is just as fun and can be even more cost effective. 💦

3. Have a barbecue - Whether it's at a nearby park or in your own backyard, a classic barbecue screams summer. Gather up your family, throw together your secret family potato salad recipe, and enjoy the beautiful August weather. 🍗

4. Read a book - Trying to keep up with our reading all summer long is sometimes harder than it sounds! With this item on the list, we have a goal to reach and even if it's one chapter a day, we've got this! 📚

5. Go on a new hike - Find some new beauty right in your own town with a brand new hike - you can even download a plant identification app to check out the local foliage growing in your own back yard and make it a learning experience for the kiddos. 🥾

6. Blow some bubbles - Even adults can blow off some steam while blowing some bubbles in the front yard! Relaxing, cheap, and still as fun as ever. 🧼

7. Plant your Autumn veggie garden - Even if pumpkin flavored everything isn't on the mind QUITE yet, it's coming soon!! Planting your autumn veggies now gives them plenty of time to grow before that squash craving sets in. 🎃

8. Roast s'mores - Another activity that screams summer is roasting s'mores. Make them over an open fire (where safe and allowed), on the stove, or even in the oven! 🔥

9. Go berry picking - Tis the season for some spectacular berry picking! This is a fun way to get outside with the family, away from crowds, and enjoy some delicious fruits for days to come. 🍓

10. Go back to school shopping - We know, we're in denial too... but school is starting back quickly! Make sure you have your lunch pails, backpacks, and any lunch gear you'll need for the school year. 🎒

11. Visit the beach - Or lake, or pool... Enjoy whatever body of water you have nearby while the weather feels this great! 🏝

12. Play mini golf - We may not be mini golf experts, and we may not be able to get a hole in one (or 10) but we still love to play this adorable game! Great for families small and large and a fun way to have some friendly competition with the kids. ⛳️

13. Make some driveway art - Grab that chalk that's been collecting dust and create some beautiful driveway art this summer! Remember to take photos once your masterpieces are completed so that they can live on for summers to come. 🎨📸 


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