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ZoLi Tote Bags


Made with durability & function in mind, our tote bags are versatile for outings and around the house! Some of our favorite features that make this our favorite reusable tote are:

  • THICK, DOUBLE STRAPS to evenly distribute weight on your shoulder
  • Durable CANVAS to handle even the biggest of grocery hauls
  • Subtle colors to keep your shopping chic 
  • LARGE INTERIOR to fit all of the necessities

Some of our favorite uses for our reusable totes are:

  • Grocery shopping reusable bag - carry even heavy items to the car without worrying about ripping or stretching.
  • Kids organization - store kids toys like stuffed animals, lego blocks, etc. so they are accessible and bundled!
  • Car organization - keep extra wipes, cleaners, and car accessories handy
  • Beach bag - tote your towels, sunscreens, snacks...
  • Overnight bag - throw the essentials into your tote and be on your way!

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