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stackable thermos lunch containers

Pack anything *and we mean anything* in our modular and insulated stainless lunch boxes! THIS & THAT is the perfect packed lunch hack for when you want to pack something cold AND something hot. These stackable containers let you carry both without transferring heat, and leaves room in the lunch bag for more with its compact design.

This vacuum-insulated tower keeps cold for 24 hours & hot for 6 hours. Bring only one container or keep stacking as many as needed (works with POW DINE too). It's the best of both worlds!


  • Brings PACKED LUNCH IDEAS to a new level - pack COLD AND HOT MEALS together or even room temperature foods that you don't want to get squished!
  • MODULAR CONTAINERS means you can pack a lot without taking up a lot of backpack space
  • WIDE MOUTH INSULATED JARS so that you can eat to the last crumb and EASILY CLEAN without a special brush!
  • VACUUM-SEALED for maximum temperature retention while still being EASY TO OPEN
  • REMOVABLE BASE allows for add-on containers
  • Made with DOUBLE-WALLED STAINLESS STEEL that won't transfer taste to your lunch creations like aluminum!
  • Capacity: 8 oz / 240 ml per container


Here's what our ZoLi family has to say about their favorite stackable lunch solution!

Love the wide opening

I love using this insulated jar to pack porridge for lunch! My toddler loves porridge as hot lunch when we go picnic or the zoo. She has no problem using this jar. It’s easy to use, wide opening, so she can scoop stuff out using her spoon easily. Wide opening makes cleaning easy too. It can’t be washed in dishwasher but hand washing isn’t too bad neither. It never leaks, which I appreciate the most! Highly recommend this!

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