Summer Camp Cancelled? Create Your Own!

July 10, 2020

There are so many reasons to look forward to summer! The beautiful weather, some time off for a vacation, summer camps, spending time with friends... the list of possibilities goes on.

This year things look a little different. We've seen many summer camps for our kids being cancelled, which can really put a damper on the school's out summer mood.

So instead, we're creating a list of ideas you can use to create summer camp vibes without having to leave the house (or go far from it)! Check out our ideas and let us know your own creative ways to cure the summer camp cancellation blues!



This is the most popular type of camp for slightly older kids to look forward to. While you won't be able to offer the expertise that a sports camp may have, you can still have fun with a sport that your child loves!

  • OBSTACLE COURSES - Build a course with your child (whether it's related to their sport of choice, or just for fun) and have them complete it in record time! You can use cones, "no touch zones", furniture, or even just create a "the floor is lava" scenario. Whatever the course, complete as quickly as possible and try to beat your times!
  • COACH RECOMMENDED EXERCISES - If your child is on a sports team during the school year, chances are that they were given some instruction to practice during their "off season." We'll be the first to admit, these aren't always the most exciting summer activities... but they can be much more fun with a friend! Whether that's you, or a friend who can practice from afar in an open space, having a "study buddy" makes these exercises much more fun.
  • GET MOVING - Sports camps are great because they provide focus, fun, and they keep kids active and outside. There are many outdoor games that can do this as well! Spike-ball, corn hole, or even lawn bowling are all active games that provide concentration and a whole lot of fun and are easy to find for purchase!

This is one of the types of camp that can seem impossible to replace. While you may not be able to recreate the beautiful lake atmosphere, you can still help your child mentally get away to a relaxing space and have some fun in the water!

  • SPRINKLER GAMES - There are so many games to play with a simple sprinkler and, if we're being honest, even we as adults love every one of them! Try out some new games like sprinkler freeze tag (kids run around the turned off sprinkler and when you turn it on, they have to freeze in place - yes, in the spray - and if they move they're out!) or sprinkler tug of war (tug the rope over the sprinkler in the center and loser gets pulled through the water)
  • BACK YARD WATER PARK - Turn your back yard into a water park by strategically placing your hose or sprinklers. Drape a hose over a tree branch, place the sprinkler under the swing set, or even the classic turning your slide into a water slide. 
  • POOL GAMES - If you happen to have a pool in yours or a family member's back yard, you know what a day of fun it can provide! Organize some pool games like finding all the toys at the bottom of the pool, relay races, or Simon says.

Performance camps are an extremely popular destination for kids during summer break. Relieve the cancellation blues by practicing for and performing a show with your child! A few tips here:

  • MAKE IT A REAL SHOW WITH AN AUDIENCE- Try to make your child's show something to look forward to. Choose a performance date, invite an audience via video chat, or even send out virtual invites!
  • COSTUMES - Costumes can further make your child feel like their show is just as official as a camp performance! Whether you make elaborate costumes specifically for their performance, or just dress up fancy for the occasion, this can make your child feel more official and excited
  • THEATER CUES - Make sure you are there to support your child during practice and during their performance with specified cues! Practice turning on music for their big number at the perfect time or throwing them a prop right when indicated.