How to Prepare Your Nursery: Newborn Essentials

May 18, 2022

How to Prepare Your Nursery: Newborn Essentials

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby is a busy time for every parent. With the excitement and anticipation of your little one arriving, it can be hard to keep track of all the things that need to be done before the big day is here. One of the most crucial places you need to have ready is the nursery. You will spend a lot of time in the nursery with your baby, so it’s important that you both feel safe and comfortable. Once you’ve got an idea of how to tackle safety issues, you’re ready to update the room and the most exciting part–decorating. After you’ve created the perfect nursery for you and your baby, don’t forget to stock up with an abundant amount of baby essentials. To help you get started with preparing the nursery, below are a few tips and ideas to assist you in welcoming your new baby.

Safety for Baby's New Nursery

Create a Safe Environment

Your first priority is to ensure the nursery is safe and up-to-date with codes. This may take some work, especially if the room was previously an office or unused guest room. Although it may feel overwhelming when you’re making sure the nursery is safe for your baby, it’s crucial to get it done before you tackle any other project.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, smoke detectors must be installed in every sleeping room, along with a fire alarm on every level of the home. If you already have smoke detectors present in every room, make sure to check them regularly, and replace the batteries frequently. Don’t forget about carbon monoxide detectors. If the home is older, perhaps purchasing a new carbon monoxide detector will help reduce stress you might be feeling. The next step to ensure your baby is safe and protected is to consider where the nursery is located. If it’s on the first level, consider updating the lock or replacing the window all together. It’s highly recommended that you purchase a home security system that alerts you if anyone is present on the property. You never know what can occur, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

painting Baby's New Nursery

Update the Look

Now that your home is a safe environment for you and your family, it’s time to make any necessary updates to the nursery. First, clear out anything that is in the room, such as furniture or storage items, so that it’s completely empty. Now that the room is cleared out, deep clean every inch, nook and cranny. The last thing you want is a nursery full of dust and clutter. 

After prepping the room, it’s time for the exciting part — a fresh coat of paint. Painting the walls and ceiling will have your nursery looking fresh and new. When searching for the perfect paint, it’s crucial to avoid any brands with harmful chemicals such as toxins and carcinogens. This is dangerous because when the paint starts to dry, VOCs, also known as violent organic compounds, are released into the air, which ultimately pollutes the environment. A few paint brands that have zero VOCs are Sherwin-Williams Harmony, Benjamin Moore Natura, Behr Pro i300, and BioShield. You might also want to consider re-painting the rest of the rooms in your home, if you’re unsure of the paint previously used. A lot of old homes have lead in the paint, which can be a health and safety hazard, especially if the paint starts to chip. 

These home updates can become pricey. One noteworthy option to explore to help you pay for all the necessary updates is a home equity loan. This is a great option, especially for homeowners who are making home improvements because it can be tax-deductible. You’ll also receive the money in lump sum payments, which will allow you to utilize it for projects as you go. This will take the stress of expenses off your plate, especially if your home upgrades are starting to add up fast. 

Nursery Decorations

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

It’s time for the most exciting part – decorating the nursery. Depending on what you’re having, explore different themes and inspirations for your baby’s nursery. If you’re unsure on where to start, scroll through the endless list of nursery themes on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. A few examples of what's trending lately are nautical designs, specific colors such as sage green, wallpaper on one wall, the baby's name above the crib, and small chandeliers. The list goes on. After you have gathered all the inspirational ideas, it’s time to purchase the nursery’s furniture. 

The crib is an absolute essential, but it’s important to understand sizes and what's safe. Some people may not realize that there are safety regulations for cribs. When searching for a crib, make sure the slats are no bigger than 2 ⅜ inches apart. The mattress for the crib should also be firm and flat. It’s crucial to not put any toys, blankets, or pillows in the crib to avoid suffocation. To keep your baby warm, purchase a zipper slipper that does not slip up and potentially cover your baby's face. Don’t forget about the dresser, changing table, and a comfortable rocking chair. Once you have the furniture in the nursery, you can decorate the room with pictures, lamps, organizational baskets, rugs, curtains, and baby keepsakes. 

Baby Essentials

Stock Up on Essentials

After decorating the nursery, all that's left is to stock up on baby essentials. There are many newborn items that you’ll need to have ready to go, such as diapers, baby wipes, clothes, shampoo, lotions, and don’t forget about the diaper bag. What do you need in your diaper bag, you might ask? Some diaper bag essentials are extra diapers, wipes, portable changing pad, diaper cream, extra clothes, spare pacifier, and a burp cloth. You never know what accident might occur, so it’s important as a new parent to be prepared. As time goes on, you’ll probably come across and discover more and more essentials your baby will need.

Along with all the essentials, don’t forget about a baby monitor. There are many monitors that are available for your nursery, but it’s important you find a safe option. There are many brands when you’re shopping for a baby monitor and as a parent, you’ll always want to have the safest products for your baby. To ensure you have all the information needed to purchase the safest baby monitor, make sure you do your research and compare the brands to one another.

Before you know it, the nursery will start to come together. Expecting a bundle of joy is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking times in your life. Your family is starting to grow, and so are the chores list. Setting up a safe and warm environment can feel scary, but sticking to the tips and ideas above will help guide you in preparing the perfect nursery for your baby in no time.