COVID-19 School at Home | Tips for Success!

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 school from home tips and ticks
With school, work, and event closures spreading throughout the U.S. many students and their families find themselves adapting to an at-home work or school environment. If not done properly, this major change has the potential to lower productivity and increase restlessness both for children and their parents. 

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your home work or school life remains consistent, engaging, and running smoothly!


  1. GET READY! Continue to have your kids get ready in the morning just like they're going to school. This will get everyone in the right mindset each morning to start their lessons and not lay around in their PJs.
  2. DESIGNATE AN AREA. Have a designated "school" area where kids can focus on their work. Make sure it is away from distractions like TV, toys, etc. 
  3. TAKE A BREAK! Make sure to take periodic breaks throughout the work day. Regular short breaks can improve productivity and make sure you stay focused. 
  4. WASH YOUR HANDS. Continue to take precautions suggested by the CDC even while you are at home! (hand washing, avoid touching your face, etc.)
  5. STAY ORGANIZED. Knowing your goals and outlining them at the beginning of the day is a great way to stay organized. Have your child make a to-do or goals list in the mornings or even a schedule so that they don't work or rest for too long.
  6. ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED. If there is something that isn't included in your school's app or at home learning service, don't be afraid to ask! Chances are others are wondering the same thing.
  7. STAY SOCIAL. Socialize with peers remotely. Facetime or Skype are amazing tools to utilize during school hours to ask for help from classmates or to stay social after school hours. This will continue your child's connections for when they return to school.
  8. HAVE A ROUTINE. Having a morning and after-school routine helps to designate work and play times. Whether it's walking the dog, taking a bath, or playing a certain song... designate a consistent "start" and "end" routine.


Indoor Activities:
  1. PAINTERS TAPE HOP SCOTCH: Use painters tape to draw out hop-scotch on your floor and let the indoor fun begin!
  2. INDOOR BOWLING: A great way to have fun AND recycle any old bottles you have. Line up empty soda bottles and roll a ball to knock them over.
  3. COLORING PLACEMATS: Keep the fun times going with colorable placemats that can be cleaned and re-used time and time again
  4. MOVIE NIGHT: For an added learning twist, try out a movie in a different language with captions turned on.
  5. COOK TOGETHER: Whether it's dinner for the family or a creative baking project like home made bread, cooking together is fun and great for bonding!
  6. YOGA AND STRETCHING: Keep your body moving with yoga or stretching after school or during breaks! The
  7. SPRING CLEANING: Have the kids get involved with cleaning! Disinfect, organize, and get the house looking in tip-top shape.
  8. GET DIY-ing: There are hundreds of indoor crafts available through Pinterest or Google - We even have a few on our blog for inspiration! Painting Nature | DIY Face Balm | Photo Block | Slime
Outdoor Activities for Some Fresh Air:
  • WALKING THE DOG: Not only does this activity get you out and about, it's also a great way to make sure you and Fido are both getting enough exercise!
  • ONE ON ONE SPORTS: If you have a bit of room to work with at home, playing one on one sports with the family is a great way to get your exercise in. (Soccer, pass the football, play catch with a baseball...)
  • BIKE RIDES: If you want to get a bit further from home this is a great option for fresh air and a bit of a workout. 
  • GARDENING: Now is the perfect time to start planting your spring garden! An activity that the whole family can have fun with.

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