Easy School Lunches that Aren't Sandwiches

August 12, 2022

Well that went fast... school is already starting back up! And while summer was fun, we're excited to get back into a routine. One thing we're NOT excited about? Packing lunches for the rest of the year 😰 But this time, we thought ahead and we're sharing some of our favorite lunch ideas that AREN'T the same old sandwiches.

Our top lunch ideas for 2022!


Macaroni and cheese + hummus, celery, and pretzel sticks

This may seem like a simple meal, but there are so many things to love about it! First of all, SPEED. For those mornings where you are dashing out the door and remember that you still need to throw together lunch? This is your meal!

As if we needed another reason other than that, this meal is perfect for kids who have extracurriculars after school! They can eat their mac and cheese for lunch, then nosh on the celery and hummus before practice. Throw in a PODS mini tower with some sweet snacks for recess or break and you are set for an entire day's worth of nutrition.

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Tortilla wraps with a twist! Pizza, dessert, hummus... you can really use any fan favorite fillings for this play on a wrap, quesadilla hybrid! 

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Flip your way into a fun and fueled mid-day meal with breakfast for lunch! Mini pancakes, a leak-proof PODS filled with syrup, and some fruit for a healthy balance and added flavor. 

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All of the delicious goodness of a lunchable with the added convenience of using left-overs! Just pack some cheese, crackers or pita for crust, toppings, and sauce for an easy, fun, and nutritious lunch option.

build your own pizza lunch idea


And now some general packing tips that will make sure your child has the nutrition they need to stay fueled all day long!


Kids are involved in extracurriculars now more than ever. Some days, they may go straight from school to soccer practice or study group and not get home until 7pm!

That's why we like to pack "seconds." That means packing a balanced lunch along with nutritious snacks that they can quickly pop before practice.

Our favorite "second meal" add-ons for pre-practice are:

  • hummus and veggies
  • crackers and cheese
  • yogurt and berries
  • cottage cheese with fruit mix-ins
  • bananas and peanut butter


While opinions vary on which macronutrient we should eat the most of, all healthy diets consist of a rounded balance in all areas! It can be difficult to throw together an appropriate balance of fruits, veggies, carbs, proteins, etc. but being consistent most of the time can be easier than you may think!

A great rule of thumb is to have half of your packed lunch consist of fruits and veggies and the other half with whole grains and protein! Great examples could be:

1/2 fruits and veggies:

  • seasonal fruit that is easy to pack such as...
  • peaches
  • plumbs
  • apples
  • bananas
  • berries
  • tangerines
  • grapes
  • seasonal veggies that can pair with hummus or dips such as...
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • sliced bell peppers
  • sweet snap peas

1/2 whole grains and proteins:

  • pasta salad with chicken
  • protein pancakes or waffles
  • meat or hummus "roll-ups"
  • tuna salad wrap
  • egg salad wrap
  • black bean quesadillas
  • sushi
  • fried rice with chicken or shrimp


This is the one case we can think of where what's on the outside counts! Buying smart containers can save space, keep your lunch better longer, and make your meal more balanced. Here are our favorite containers for your meals!

  • SUMO - Our food towers are great for pre-measuring items that are easy to get carried away snacking on! Nuts, sugary treats, dried fruits, crackers... there is plenty of room to enjoy without over enjoying. 
  • PODS - These mini, spill-proof stackers are the perfect companion to pair with any lunch box. Perfect for veggie dips like hummus or ranch, or even keeping liquids separate from your lettuce until the last moment! No more soggy salads.
  • THIS + THAT - SUMO's insulated cousin! Double walled and vacuum sealed so that one container doesn't affect the temperature of the stacked. Pack soup and salad, sushi and miso, yogurt for breakfast and chili for lunch... the combinations are as endless as they are delicious.
  • DINE - THIS + THAT's little brother for the essentials! 18/8 stainless steel is insulated and ready for any hot or cold meal or beverage. Wide mouth makes it easy to nosh to the last bite and clean. 

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