2020 Last Minute Christmas Checklists

December 22, 2020

No matter what your holiday season looks like this year, there is a certain amount of preparation that comes with celebrating! And with preparation comes countless opportunities to forget something. We've all been there - showing up to the family Christmas only to forget that you were supposed to buy something for your cousin's new husband... That's why we are HUGE fans of the classic holiday list. 

That being said, there is a LOT more to remember this year than previous ones. Don't worry though! No matter what kind of Christmas you are hosting, we have a last minute checklist for you.

  1. General Christmas Checklist
  2. Stay at Home Holiday Checklist
  3. Socially Distant Larger Family Holiday Checklist


These items are great to remember for any type of Christmas, pandemic or not!

  1. GIFT RECIPIENTS - Make a list of family members and friends that you were supposed to shop for. Take a minute to sit down and really rack your brain for each family member, new spouse, baby, etc that you would like to shop for. This way you avoid that awkward moment of being empty handed when the time comes!
  2. PRE-STUFF STOCKINGS - We agree that your stockings hanging above the fireplace waiting for presents on Christmas Eve are adorable and one of our favorite parts of the holiday! But, take them down for just an hour or  so to have a test run on stuffing those stockings. Decide if you need a little extra paper or stuffing to make all the kids look equal (we know the struggle) and be confident that they will look festive in the morning!
  3. GO GROCERY SHOPPING NOW - We want everything to be as fresh as possible on Christmas morning, so we know that pushing it until the last minute is tempting... But now is the perfect time to take the plunge and go shopping or order groceries in! Just remember to stay safe and wear a mask :)
  4. PUT THE FINAL TOUCHES ON DIY GIFTS - DIY gifts are an amazing way to make something heartfelt and personal for the holidays... but they are also easy to procrastinate on. Finish up any last minute hot-glue-gun repairs and additions and get them wrapped up and ready!
  5. TAKE A BREATH AND RELAX - With everything going on this year on top of the holidays looking so different, it's important to look at what you've accomplished and relax for a moment. Even if it's just a few seconds, take a grateful breath and remember what the holidays are about.


Staying at home for the holidays sounds like less work, but as parents we know that this isn't always the case! The following are some tasks to make sure your stay at home holiday is as stress-free as possible!

  1. PLAN A MENU - Even though you aren't preparing an elaborate dinner for a large group, make sure that you have everything you need in advance. Even if  it's chicken nuggets for Christmas dinner (which sounds amazing in our opinion!) avoid the grocery store's Christmas rush by thinking ahead.
  2. MAKE NEW TRADITIONS SO IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS - Nowadays, the days can blur together easily. That's why new traditions are so important in a time like this. Luckily, we have a list of new traditions that are quick and easy to accomplish in time for Christmas! View the full list here: A 2020 Christmas - New Traditions!
  3. PRINT GIFTS THAT HAVEN'T ARRIVED - If you've avoided shopping in person to stay safe, don't worry about any gifts that are arriving late! An easy way to still give a gift that hasn't arrived is to print out a photo of the item along with a little note saying "Apologies for the delay, your gift is on the way!" To make it even more fun to open, you can pack the photo in a large box with filler inside.


We know how hectic planning a traditional Christmas gathering can be. Throw in trying to stay as safe as possible on top of it and you have a recipe for stress! Check off the following tasks to relieve a bit of that anxiety ahead of time.

    1. BUY EXTRA MASKS - We all know the feeling of arriving to your destination only to realize that you forgot your mask. Grab an extra pack of masks and to make sure everyone is safe and prepared.
    2. HAVE AN OUTDOOR PLAN - Even if you are not hosting the gathering this year, think of an outdoor plan just in case the host does not have one. You can pack some folding chairs or even call ahead of time to ask about outdoor accommodations. 
    3. SANITIZE - If you are hosting, set up a station where guests can wash or sanitize their hands regularly. If you are a guest, make sure to pack a bottle for the road!
    4. CHECK CDC RECOMMENDATIONS - The CDC updates their website regularly and has recommendations to make sure everyone at your holiday celebration stays as safe as possible. Check their most recent recommendations here: CDC Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings

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